Hello Waffle Visage: January 2016

It’s been a while since I got my Visage and immediately wanted to play with it. This month’s subscription came in a little late and as a sorry, Christine threw in an extra from one of the newly released collections (either Wu Xing or the My Lips But…). Cinderella was this month’s theme with Uponaworld Cosmetics as the guest.


Another big thing that was included in this month’s Visage was the reveal of Hello Waffle’s glitter adhesive – Enchantment. I’ve been getting some slight dermatitis on my eyelid every time I pull out Darling Girl’s Glitter Glue, so I was really interested in seeing how this holds up.


All eyeshadow swatches are done under daylight bulbs over Hello Waffle’s Enchantment.

Cinders and Ashes
A dirty dark brown with turquoise sparkle and flashes of violet. Try looking at this at different angles/light sources.
Oh man, this is gorgeous. When I first opened up the jar, I thought it would be your typical glitter bomb shade. Then I swatched it, took a blurry photo to just show all the glitter, and overall I’m in love. The only con is that when you mix it with Duraline, the shimmer becomes very, very subtle. I could hardly see it which was disappointing. I can see a ton of possibilities for this shadow – one of the ones I’m most excited for is a dark smokey eye, but I might not have that possibility until March.

Before Midnight
Muted cranberry with orange sheen and pink sparkle.
One of the reasons I keep subscribing to the Visage is because it forces me to try out shades that I would never buy on my own. Before Midnight has a matte base so it gets a little darker over Enchantment (as expected). This blends out to a really nice pink when you use a fluffy brush.

Glass Slippers
A shimmery lilac with an explosion of sparkle. Try this over different eyeshadows to see how it transforms!
This is an overshadow, which is one of the products I hardly ever use. I decided to use this as a highlight since I’ve been all about highlighters. In the inner corner, it shows up as a sheer lavender purple. On the cheeks, you wind up seeing the bits of blue. It probably won’t replace my beloved Lavender Cream, but I do really like it as an inner corner.

Uponaworld Cosmetics – Clock Strikes Midnight
Mauve-toned taupe with gold, green, and blue sparkle.
The first thing I thought when seeing this is that it should be a lip color. So, I changed it into one for my final look. It was a little too taupe/brown on its own, so I added a little Before Midnight to add some pink. It wound up being really, really pretty and an overall better fit for what I did with my look. This shade seems to be in the same family as Femme Fatale’s Wayward Prince and Shiro’s Still Not a Planet.


I’m already a fan of Hello Waffle’s lip products, but it seems that they might have been reformulated slightly to be more moisturizing. This is a definite plus – I wore a matte lip during the day when I was trying it out, and then applied this during the evening. My lips felt awesome afterwards!

The Prettiest in the World
A plummy pink.
The Prettiest in the World is a girly pink. It’s opaque, and again, quite moisturizing. This stains.

My Lips But… Better
Plum mauve
This is a gorgeous plummy mauve-y pink. It’s not quite a MLBB for me, but it’s still a shade that I know I’ll wear often. This shade stains. While I’m usually not too picky about whether or not shades stain, I wish this one didn’t. If I’m going for a my lips but… shade, I should be able to wipe it off and find my lips with no staining.

A Thousand Civilities
Frosty peach pumpkin shimmer with a slight blue glow.
I quite like orange blushes, especially during the springtime. To get the blue glow, you have to pat on your blush, which I always forget to do. Either way, I do like the warm glow it adds to my face.

IMG_8988 (1)

This is Hello Waffle’s version of a glitter adhesive. It doesn’t feel as sticky as Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy or Darling Girl’s Glitter Glue, but it definitely works well. I used it to swatch all of the shadows, and I immediately realized what Christine has been using to swatch all her site photos. This works so well! When applied using the doe foot applicator on an arm, I there wasn’t really a need for a wait time. When I tried it on my eyes, you do need to wait a few seconds before patting on the shadow. I do like this adhesive quite a bit – I think I’ve been having an allergic reaction to DG Glitter Glue, so this is a nice alternative. The only major con I can think of is even though it was dry, my eyes felt a little damp the entire day – especially so when I would move from an air conditioned indoors to outside. It’s definitely on my list to compare this between the other glitter adhesives I have laying around my apartment.

Here’s the look with this month’s visage:



IMG_9041 (1)
I used MAC’s Brulee under my brow as my base shade, and put MAC Yogurt in the crease. I then blended Before Midnight in the crease, and pat Clock Strikes Midnight over the lid. Since I needed a little more definition, and Cinders and Ashes is so glittery, I put a neutral Inglot brown in my outer corner. I then used Enchantment and put another layer of Clock Strikes Midnight over it.

Inglot’s Duraline was mixed with Cinders and Ashes (Darling Girl’s Superstar Serum irritates my eyes), and used that as liner. Glass Slippers was used as my highlight in the inner corner, as well as on top of my cheekbones. I pat on A Thousand Civilities along my cheekbones.

Finally, for the lips, I mixed Clock Strikes Midnight with Malin & Goetz Lip Moisturizer, realized it was a little too taupe, and added Before Midnight for a bit more pink. You can see the gold shimmer from Clock Strikes Midnight in the gloss, but it’s not quite as present as I thought it would be. Either way, I really like the way it turned out!

Overall, I’m really happy with this month’s box. I was excited to try out one of the newly released lip products, and I love love all the shadows that I got in the box. This is just a reminder of why I’m still subscribed – I got to try out a brand that I haven’t before, and I still got high quality products from Hello Waffle.

Total box value: $34.76

You can find the extras, as well as more about the Visage subscription, on Hello Waffle’s website here.

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