ACWELL 7-Day Sleeping Pack: Wrinkle & Whitening and Soft Soothing

When Memebox sent me three of the Acwell 7-Day Sleeping Packs, I was excited because I haven’t heard of this brand before. I don’t use sleeping packs all that often – I feel like sheet masks and all the snail that I use take care of the dryness that I might come across. However, I finally skipped a few days of sheet masking, and was able to to try these out.


I’m only talking about two of the three that I was sent since I need a little more time to test out the wash off pack but I wanted to talk about these other two.


Wrinkle and Whitening Sleeping Pack (Monday)
I was not expecting this to be pink! When I applied it, the color disappeared and there wasn’t any significant or worrying scents. I didn’t notice any real plumping or brightening of my skin the next morning.


Soft Soothing Sleeping Pack (Tuesday)
This was actually the first one I tried and it almost turned me off completely. I got through my routine, applied this one, and then went out to walk my dogs. It smells like burning chemical plastic. The consistency is thick enough to stick together, but not a heavy cream. When I got back after walking my dogs, I noticed a red spot on my face, but it wasn’t particularly warm and didn’t hurt. I went to bed really worrying about whether or not I was going to have a terrible reaction overnight. Thankfully, when I woke up, my skin looked normal, and when I washed my face my skin was so soft! I am so relieved that I didn’t have a bad reaction, but I’m really happy with how soft this makes your skin.

Overall, I’m a bit torn on these. I like the fact that they skin in well and that I wake up without a sticky feeling on my face. I really like how the Soft Soothing Pack made my skin super soft, but since I didn’t really see any results from the Wrinkle & Whitening one I had a pretty neutral experience overall.

You can find these on Memebox’s website here.

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One Response to ACWELL 7-Day Sleeping Pack: Wrinkle & Whitening and Soft Soothing

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh, these look so interesting! I have not tried much from Acwell, but i have been super impressed with the ingredient lists of everything I have looked at.

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