Fyrinnae Lipsticks in Purr and Witchcraft

Fyrinnae released their lipsticks a while back and I finally got around to picking two up when they had their Halloween release. Since I’ve been lemming after Wizardry, I decided to pick up Witchcraft which is supposed to be a lipstick kind of counterpart to it. I also picked up Purr, a mauve-y shade I know will get a lot of wear.


As is typical with Fyrinnae, I got my order within two weeks of ordering. I was really excited to see Fyrinnae’s release of lipstick because they come in the standard lipstick bullets. Most of the times I’ve seen lipsticks from indie brands, they’ve been in slimlines or chapstick tubes (except for full sizes from Howl Cosmetics, Life’s Entropy Cosmetics, and Limnit Lipsticks). I much prefer lipstick bullets, so I was itching to buy these for a few weeks before I finally did.

Light cool matte mauve
Purr is a matte pinky-purple mauve. The lipstick is pretty waxy. Even though it’s waxy, it’s not super draggy. I can get an opaque swipe in one swipe. I think the waxiness helps with the longevity of the lipstick – I can easily drink and snack without having to reapply my lipstick. Purr is slightly drying on me. When I first got Purr, I thought it was a dupe for the Pygmy Hippo lip lustre. Here they are side by side:

Pygmy Hippo (left) and Purr (right)

Pygmy Hippo (left) and Purr (right)

As you can see, Pygmy Hippo is more pink and Purr has a bit more purple in it.

A burgundy base with a shimmer highlight which turns from turquoise to pink to reddish, depending on the light and angle
While Purr doesn’t have much drag but feels waxy, Witchcraft feels drier and has a bit more drag. I suspect this has to do with the pigments that cause the duochrome effects. This is a brownish-red base with turquoise shimmer. I haven’t noticed the pink or red reflects in various lights. You can see the shimmers a little better in the full face photo below:


Witchcraft can be a little patchy sometimes, so adding a lip liner helps. I like pairing it with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lydia. This one doesn’t have the same longevity that I experienced with Purr. I was able to wear it for maybe 4 hours before I needed to reapply it and it has more transfer than Purr. The duochrome effects don’t show up in artificial fluorescent lights which is nice if you have a conservative workplace.

When I first bought these, I thought they were way too waxy for my preferences since I typically prefer a slightly creamier formula. However, I think that the waxiness definitely helps with the longevity, which is more important to me than the creaminess. Fyrinnae explicitly says that these lipsticks are going to be hard based on the vegan formula and the nature of the finish. I probably wouldn’t repurchase a duochrome lipstick since I prefer longevity, but I would definitely try out other shades of the matte lipsticks.

Price: $10 for the matte lipsticks, $11.50 for the duochrome ones, at 0.14 ounces each.

You can find these on Fyrinnae’s website here.

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1 Response to Fyrinnae Lipsticks in Purr and Witchcraft

  1. Beautiful colours! The ones I gravitate towards atm as well! They are so close to Tom Ford’s Pussycat! To me it looks like so anyway! 😅
    Lots of xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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