Yeon Du Kong x Memebox Fix Lip #01 Red Orange

Memebox often collaborates with Korean Youtubers and Bloggers, and one of their newest products from their collaborations is the I’m Yeon Du Kong Fix Lip. Memebox was kind enough to send me this product to try out, and I’m always excited for long wearing lip things. When I heard this was supposed to be a 12-hour long wear product that blends a primer, tinted balm, and lipstick, my excitement grew a little more.

IMG_7576 IMG_7578

First things first, don’t be like me and tug at the lid for a few minutes before realizing you’re supposed to twist it off. The bullet is similar to the Hourglass lipstick bullets – kind of a pyramid shape on the top. It’s not the worst shape, but it’s definitely not my favorite. 

The Lip Fix only comes in one color – Red Orange. While that’s great for most people, it doesn’t work the best with my skintone. Thankfully, after blotting, this turns into a really pretty shade of coral-pink.

Please excuse the use of iPhone photos to document the life of the lipstick, but since it claims to have a 12 hour wear time, I wanted to test it out. You also get to see it in three separate lighting situations!

I applied it around 7:10 am, but got around to taking a photo at 7:30. This is after I blotted it because the orange shade was clashing with everything else I had put on even though I made a conscious effort to pick out warm makeup.

I unfortunately had to skip lunch the day I tested it out, but I had been drinking and snacking all day. I didn’t pull out the lipstick to reapply it at any point, and by 4:15 pm it looked pretty much the same. I also didn’t feel the need to reach for any balm at any point during the day.

We had an early dinner that night and I took a picture afterwards. There’s no uneven wear on my lips, and I’m still happy with how it looks. My lips started to feel dry around this time, but considering I didn’t put anything else on for the entire day, I’d say that this is actually quite good.

Again, I’m sorry that my lip swatches are done via iPhone.

Overall, I do really like this new Lip Fix. Unfortunately, this only comes in one color which I hope they change and expand in the near future. If you’re a cool-toned person, it’s not an awful shade to have if you blot it, but the orange in the unblotted lipstick is a bit much. I think this is best for those days that you just won’t have time for something to stick, and I can just imagine a really gorgeous berry coming out eventually.

Price: $12 for 0.07 ounces ($171.43/oz)
For comparison purposes, MAC lipsticks are $17 for 0.10 ounces ($170/oz) and 3CE lipsticks are $20 for 0.12 ounces ($166.67/oz)

You can find the YeonDuKong x Memebox Fix Lip on their website here.

This post contains products that were sent to me for consideration by the brand or the brand’s public relations firm. This has not changed my opinion in any way and all opinions expressed are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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