Mishibox – June and July 2015


Mishibox is another Asian Beauty subscription service that kind of burst into the scene in June. They had been reaching out online to people on Instagram and Reddit, and I decided to sign up to try them out.


Mishibox costs $18.99 each month and they send you an assortment of products ranging from skincare to makeup to haircare. In June, there were six products included in the box, including a few things that I’ve seen people claim as their holy grail products as well as a a brand that I had never heard of.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack
Reddit’s Asian Beauty community did a Holy Grail Master List a few months back, and this was one of those products that got mentioned time and time again. I was really excited to see this in the box because I’ve been wanting to try it. The fit is okay – nothing too terrible or too great. The essence contained within the mask was exactly what I should have expected – kind of thin but not too watery, and the essence wasn’t as drippy as I thought it would be. I wore this for 20 minutes and after removing it I didn’t see any real noticeable differences. I suppose the redness in my face was slightly cooled, but not to the point where I as blown away. While I won’t be repurchasing this mask in the future, I was glad to get to try it out.
Mishibox Value: $3


Benton Honest Cleansing Foam
I wasn’t too excited to see a foaming cleanser in this month because I’m trying to maintain a low-pH cleansing routine, at least for the cleanser portion. According to other blogs, this one is clocking in near a 9, so I won’t be trying this one out. One thing that was really spectacular was that Mishibox sent out a survey regarding the pH in cleansers after they heard of people’s unhappiness. They’re working on sending out a low pH one in the future, and I’m really excited to see what they come up with.
Mishibox Value: $12 for 150 mL


Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel
This is such a huge product to include in a subscription box, and the first thing my fiance said when he saw it was “That packaging is so cool!” Since my skincare routine is packed pretty full, I’ve been using this on my legs as a light lotion/moisturizer, and it does pretty well. It’s sticky for about a minute, and then sinks in. My skin felt really soft using this, but it’s not adequate for intense moisturizing if that’s what you’re looking for.
Mishibox Value: $12 for 250 mL

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eye Liner – Burgundy
I’m so tired of getting black eyeliner from these subscriptions, so it was so awesome to see a burgundy one in my box. I’ve seen a bunch of different colors in other people’s boxes, and I think burgundy was the best possible outcome for me. This is pretty waterproof for me – it lasted through a few washes before I went to find the oil based remover to get it off.
Mishibox Value: $8 for 2.2 grams


Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm
I love this cleansing balm. After trying it for the first time in one of my Beauty Beyond Borders bags, I picked up the full size. I’m happy to have this one around to either gift or take when traveling. This balm melts my makeup off so much better than actual oils. It removes my waterproof eye makeup easily, and it doesn’t make my lashes itch or burn. I’ll definitely buy this again in the future, though I’m not sure when I’ll need to considering I’ve been getting makeup removers in my AB-subscriptions.
Mishibox Value: $19 for 100 mL


Skylake Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo
I love getting shampoos and conditioners in my beauty box subscriptions. I think they’re a fun way of trying out new things that I would never think to buy for myself. The Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo has a medicinal brown color with a varied bit of herb in it. Some people had huge pieces and I had a smaller seed-shaped one. It smells like ginseng and something minty, and does give a cooling feeling to your scalp. I wasn’t turned off by the scent, though I can definitely see some people disliking it. Would I rebuy it? Probably not, considering I’d have to buy it from overseas and it’s just not worth the shipping price. Some people were also saying that you shouldn’t use this on bleached hair.
Mishibox Value: $5 for 40 mL

For their first month, I don’t think that Mishibox did too bad. They didn’t have the most exciting products for people who are experienced in Asian Beauty, but I did like that I didn’t know of a brand that they included. I think it’s important to note that they sent out a survey asking about cleanser preferences when they learned that the high pH in the Benton Honest Cleanser wasn’t a hit with their subscribers. It’s an example of fantastic customer service, and something I hope to see in the future. Another thing that I wish they would avoid is having multiple products from the same brand in boxes. I have this gripe with Beauteque as well, but I think it takes out from the excitement if there are products from the same brand because it means that I’m not experiencing everything I could. Unless it’s an explicitly themed box, similar to the Beauty Beyond Borders July box, I want to see more variety!


July seemed to be better – they seemed to take a lot of the gripes from their launch box and turn the second box into something much better. There wasn’t as much repetition of brands, and the majority of the box was from lesser known products.


In July, Mishibox upped their price by $1 – if you had subscribed to their auto-renew option before they had the price increase, you were able to maintain that price. So, now it costs $19.95 each month for an assortment of 5-6 products.


Kwailnara Touch Therapy Cacoa Pore Clear Nose Sheet
I’ve steered clear of nose strips since college, and I won’t be breaking that trend any time soon. I also don’t use anything with cocoa listed as an ingredient since I have a chocolate allergy, so this will be going to a friend I know still uses these.
Mishibox Value: $10 for 1 box of 10 sheets


Kwailnara Hand Essence – Avocado
I have so many hand creams thanks to subscription boxes. This has the typical floral-y avocado scent that’s attached to every avocado inspired product. It’s a little lighter than I typically reach for, which means it’s fantastic for the summer.
Mishibox Value: $7 for 80 grams

It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm – Pineapple
I’ve seen these around and I’m glad I got the pineapple scent. I’m almost out of the Dior Creme de Rose lip balm that I’ve been using at night, so I’ve been testing this out as an alternative. It does a good job at moisturizing my lips overnight, but I’m 99% sure that it’s petroleum based, which I know people tend to keep away from. I actually don’t mind petroleum based lip product – they tend to work best for me overnight and I keep well hydrated in a humid environment so I don’t experience much dryness due to my locale. This has a sweet pineapple artificial scent to it that turns kind of plastic. The scent, along with the fact that it’s in a jar are my two gripes with the product, but overall this is my favorite thing this month.
Mishibox Value: $10.50 for 7 grams


Missha The Style Lip & Eye Makeup Remover – Green Tea
I just ran out of my Holika Holika Daily Garden Eye & Lip Remover and I decided I don’t particularly like the iCharming Witch’s Pouch Collagen Lip & Eye Remover, so I’m glad that I have another makeup remover to try out. I like the majority of Missha products – they were the first Asian Beauty brand that I tried out way back when I was 16 and visiting Hong Kong. They’ve changed quite significantly since then, but I still enjoy the products that I have.
Mishibox Value: $10 for 90 mL


Confume Argan Gold Hair Pack
I never use this kind of product, but I’m happy to see another brand I’ve never heard of. This will wind up going to one of my coworkers who always complains about her frizzy hair, and she usually enjoys the things that I typically don’t use.
Mishibox Value: $25 for 1,000 mL


MJ Care Essence Mask – Charcoal
I was so excited to see the Charcoal version of this mask appear in my box since Charcoal is exactly what my skin needs. The fit is terrible – way too wide on my face, but then small eye and lip holes? It’s definitely not the most comfortable mask. The smell was similar to all charcoal products – not floral and not overly metallic, but nothing I can describe well. I was expecting the mask to be a black mask, but the sheet was white. I liked the consistency of the essence: it wasn’t too watery and it wasn’t a gel. After taking it off, my skin looked less red, but nothing too notable after that. I would grab this in the morning rather than the evenings because of the redness reducing effects.
Mishibox Value: $2

I believe that Mishibox has plans in the future to add the included products to their site for purchase, but there’s no hard release day for that. I did like July’s box much better than June’s box. There was only repetition of 1 brand, and a good portion of the box was smaller or lesser known brands. I really hope they keep up this kind of curating in the future because it makes the box exciting.

You can find out more about Mishibox on their website here.

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5 Responses to Mishibox – June and July 2015

  1. fowlalpha says:

    It always fascinates me to find Korean products on sample boxes. What more these… They’re like Heaven! 😊

  2. I’ve been interested in the macaroon balms because they are so cute looking. Do you consider them worth getting?

    • Jamie says:

      I actually really like it! If your skin doesn’t work well with petroleum, I’d pass on them, but overall I’m enjoying it as a night treatment (though it would work perfectly well during the day)

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