Dolly’s Polish – Autumn 2014 Release

A few weeks ago, Ajevie from Dolly’s Polish posted a Reddit thread in my favorite indie makeup subreddit asking for bloggers/swatchers for her upcoming fall polish release. She decided to take the first five people who responded, and I was one of the lucky few! I’ve only tried Fandom Cosmetics when it comes to indie polish, and even though Femme Fatale’s polishes are on my radar, it’s harder to get them because shipping polish overseas is pretty much a no go. I was super excited to get these polishes to test out.

Sugar Skulls – This is a sugar candy white with hexagon shaped pastel glitter. It’s not quite matte, and the base reminds me of those sugar candy dipping sticks that you’d get with Fun Dip. The glitter is all different colors: I noticed lavender, baby blue, spring green, red, and yellow hexagons. It took two coats for opacity, but I think that if you do that it winds up getting a little murky. I would recommend a white base, with this layered on top. With chunky glitter, you would assume that it would be a major pain to get off, but surprisingly everything removed really easily.

Ghost Ship – Ghost Ship is a matte robin’s egg blue base with black and white glitter. There are also some skull and crossbones glitter, but I think they look more like little squids. Another pretty cool feature of this polish is that it’s glow in the dark! The only problem with this is that the glow in the dark pigment tends to separate from the rest of the pigments and glitter. I mentioned it to Ajevie, and she investigated it a little bit further. She’s adding a few extra metal mixing balls in the polish, and making sure it’s explicitly stated in the shop. So long as you make sure to shake it well, it shouldn’t be an issue in the long run.

Gilded Plums – OH HELLO FAVORITE POLISH. It’s pretty obvious that this would be my favorite as it’s a plum base with metallic golden glitter, making the polish a pretty metallic finish. I see this more as a Christmas shade, but it’s still absolutely going to be used in the upcoming months. I thought it would be a bit scratchy coming off, but it was super easy to remove.

Autumn 2014 – This was my least favorite out of the four, but it’s all about personal preference. Autumn 2014 is a red-orange base with red and green shimmer, totally reminiscent of fall. It reminds me of falling leaves in the Northeast, but since I live in Texas I don’t really have a sentimental feeling towards it.

Price: Dolly’s Polishes come in two different sizes, mini and full sized.

Minis: 1/8 oz sized bottle for $3
Full sized: 1/2 oz sized bottle for $7

Also, just a note, if you spend more than $45 on polishes, you can add the shop code BIGSPENDER for free shipping.

You can find these at Dolly’s Polish’s website starting on Monday, September 15th. Until then, the cart is inactive. You can also find Dolly’s Polish on Facebook.

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3 Responses to Dolly’s Polish – Autumn 2014 Release

  1. thisluxlife says:

    Love these nails super cute! Amanda x

  2. Lena says:

    These are such nice colours, and such good prices too. Hopefully they ship to NZ!

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