Deborah Lippmann : Nail Polish in Lilac Wine

After my first Deborah Lippmann experience (review here), I was hesitant to try  out another shade. I decided to bite the bullet though, and pick up Lilac Wine because it’s an absolutely beautiful color.


The official description for this shade is a lovely lilting lilac. Uhhh lilting? According to Google, lilt is a characteristic way of speaking, kind of in a sing-song voice. I’m not exactly sure how that applies to this nail polish shade, but whatever, I’ll just accept it.


Lilac is definitely not the way I would describe this shade. Lavender is much closer thanks to the lack of pink tones.

IMG_9507EThis Deborah Lippmann experience was so much better than the last. The polish was creamy and decently opaque – two coats for all the pictures above. It’s also high shine. I didn’t use a top coat, and everything remained shiny and beautiful. I got almost a week of wear without any chipping or flakes that weren’t user error (my fault).

I definitely have hope for Deborah Lippmann polishes now, and would definitely be willing to try out another. Walking on Sunshine must have been a fluke, so maybe I should try returning it for another one?

Price: $18 for 0.5 fluid ounces ($36/fl oz)


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2 Responses to Deborah Lippmann : Nail Polish in Lilac Wine

  1. plasticbows says:

    Oh! Pretty color!!

  2. prettytrippy says:

    Like you, I feel like DL is a bit hit or miss. Mostly because of the price. If she didn’t charge almost $20 a bottle, I would be more forgiving, but DANG they’re just so expensive.

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