Shiro Cosmetics: The Full Metal Collection

The last full collection from Shiro I have to talk about right now is the Full Metal Collection.


Alkahestry – This was another one of my first purchases, so I have a sentimental attachment to it. While it’s not the best shade out there, if you like sheer colors then this is definitely the way to go. It has a violet base, with a lot of light blue glitter. I like putting this over a black primer, and then adding some Glitter Glue to make it pop. It’s a go to for my nights out, but it will work perfectly well during the day.

Chimera – Chimera is a gorgeous color that doesn’t really need a base at all.

Colonel – This is a navy blue with chunky gold glitter. It reminds me of my elementary school colors, and if I were to ever go back (for some reason), I’d use this as an eyeliner.

Day of Reckoning – This is a gorgeous burgundy. I think there’s a bit more purple than typical burgundies have, but I absolutely adore it.

Dwarf in the Flask – Dwarf in the Flask actually looks much blacker in real life than it does in the picture above. While it’s not the blackest matte black I’ve ever used, it’s the only black matte I’ve encountered in the full collections that I have.

Equivalent Exchange – Equivalent Exchange is an awesome shade that works well over a primer. If you’re trying to go for a work appropriate color, I absolutely love Equivalent Exchange. It’s kind of a darkened ashy purple shade, with purple glitter in the light.

Extermination – Extermination is the definition of what a difference a sticky base will make. I grabbed it because it looked tan in the jar, and when I applied it without a Pixie Epoxy, it was exactly that. It was tan with some sparkles, but nothing impressive. Enter PE, and the shade turns into a taupe-y silver. Yes, definitely one of my favorites from this collection.

For Generations – I really like this pink. I wish it were lip safe because it’s definitely something I want turned into a tinted balm or gloss. There are some chunky gold sparkles.

Fullmetal – I thought I wouldn’t like Fullmetal when I was just looking at the powder. Then I swatched it bare, and was thinking Maybe it’ll be okay, but I still don’t really like it. Then I added Glitter Glue. What the what. It’s freaking fantastic. This is another one that does require a primer, but not necessarily a sticky base for it to shine. While the awesomeness is in the spotlight with Glitter Glue or Pixie Epoxy, it’s a great neutral when just using a primer. The charcol base is good for doing a neutral smokey eye, and the red glitter makes the shade look purple. Purple is always welcome in my collection, so this is one I would purchase a full size for.

Homunculus – Homunculus is a dark grey. It does have some red glitter in it, which adds a bit of complexity, and I think that it’s good for a liner or outer/crease color.

Housewife – Housewife is a taupe. I plan on pairing it with Homunculus in the future. It’s definitely a work appropriate shade.

Little Brother – This is a soft silver.

Philosopher’s Stone – This is a really warm red. I don’t think it’s quite dark enough to be blood red (as described on the Shiro site). The UPS guy kind of messed up the bare swatch, and I’m sorry for that. It sucks when you’re in the middle of swatching, and then the UPS guy knocks and you’re taken by surprise of dogs going crazy.

Slave 23 – I was wondering when the gold of the collection would show up! Slave 23 is a bright gold, with a lot of chunky glitter. While I like the end product, I think the application is a pain due to the chunky glitter. Lots of fall out occurs with this one.

The Truth – This is a sparkly white, which is pretty sheer without a sticky base. I like using it as a highlight, and it’s pretty much the only highlight from my indie collection that I’m comfortable using with (almost) every look. I think it adds a nice bright white when you use a sticky base, but I don’t think it’s going to be something that I purchase in full size when I run out.

Here are two looks that I’ve done with these shadows. I wish I had more to add, but since I’m trying to work on a deadline I’ll add more later. I have another look to add once I get home from work, but hopefully these two will work for now.

Since I don’t have any other looks to add, here are extra swatch pictures!

Overall, you can tell that this is one of the earlier shadow collections due to how chunky some of the glitter is. I think that this one has a few that I really like: Alkahestry, Chimera, Day of Reckoning, Equivalent Exchange, Extermination and Full Metal. There are also some that I think are really redundant, in particular, Slave 23.

You can see some differences in the golds, but they’re if you have one, do you really need them all? I shouldn’t be talking with the way I feel about purple (yes, I do need them all), but if you’re trying to figure out which gold you should get, there are the golds from each of the collections I’ve swatched. Personally, I would take Remake over all of them. Eventually I’m planning on doing this for all of the colors.

As with all Shiro shadows, here’s the pricing:

Sample (1/8 tsp): $1
Mini (1g): $3.50
Full (2g): $6

If you buy the entire collection, you’ll get a 10% discount on the total price!

If you’re here trying to decide what you want for the Shiro sale, here’s the link to my previous posts on The Seven Kingdoms CollectionThe Tributes Collection, and The Notebook Collection to hopefully help you narrow it down.

You can buy these shadows at Shiro’s website.

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