Bite Beauty : Cashmere Lip Creams in Napa, Crush, Moscato, Crianza, and Sancerre

I’ve been looking at the Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream for a really long time. When I finally decided to get them, I wound up getting five. I couldn’t decide on what color to get and they were all speaking to me.

From L to R: Napa, Crush, Moscato, Crianza, Sancerre

From L to R: Napa, Crush, Moscato, Crianza, Sancerre

Before I get into the individual colors, I’ll just talk about them as a whole. I really love the way the formula feels on the lips, and I like that the color selection is pretty classic. The most interesting color is Crush, which is a pink leaning coral. There’s no feathering and they feel moisturizing on the lips. The application does have a bit of a learning curve because the brush is a little soft, and I think the packaging need a bit of work only because sometimes the colors look like they’ve cracked. Some people say that the cracking can be fixed by warming up the tube in a pocket for about 10 minutes, but unfortunately that didn’t work for me.

These are supposed to dry to a matte finish. I applied Napa at 8 am, and at 1 pm, it’s was still a satin finish. I’m not really sure that Bite knows how to do matte because they’re really focused on providing a moisturizing formula for their customers.

Now, into the colors.

Napa is the lightest color that Bite offers in this line. It’s a blue based super pale pink. At first I was worried that this would be awful for my skintone, but I actually liked it the best as an everyday.

Crush is my absolute favorite. I’m not one that’s big on corals, but gah, this pink based coral is the absolute best. If they make a high pigment pencil or lipstick in this color, you can absolutely bet that I’ll be grabbing that in an instant.

Moscato is bright pink. It’s not quite dark enough to be considered a fuchsia (at least in my book), and you’d think it was my favorite, but I just saw it as kind of boring. I think I’m having bright pink/fuchsia overload, so I’ll have to take a step back from them for a while.

Crianza is a light raspberry pink. Now, that doesn’t mean that the color is light, it’s just light in the terms of raspberry pink.

Sancerre is your traditional raspberry pink. It’s very, very similar to Crianza; I think it’s only a shade darker. Here’s Crianza and Sancerre swatched side by side:


Crianza is on the bottom, but it’s really so close.

Now, I don’t think you can tell my actual opinions on the product from the overview. I’ll finish the lip creams as a whole.

I hate them.

They should dry to a matte finish. They don’t.

They settle into lip lines, even on days that I exfoliated that morning. Even when I blot like crazy. So much settling.

They’re actually not that expensive when you take the price per ounce in to account. They cost $28 for 0.26 ounces, which equates to $107.69 per ounce. That’s actually not bad at all. And I’ve been trying to think of a similar product to compare them to, and quite honestly, I couldn’t think of one. That has to be a +1 to Bite for innovation, right?

If they ever decide to put Napa and Crush into High Pigment Lip Pencil or Lipstick form, I’ll pick them up. But I decided to sell these already because I’m not just going to let them sit in my drawer of lip products.

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6 Responses to Bite Beauty : Cashmere Lip Creams in Napa, Crush, Moscato, Crianza, and Sancerre

  1. Amazing colors on you!!

  2. koofa says:

    I haven’t tried by Bite besides a sample lipstick I have. These are all really gorgeous & they all suit you really well 🙂

    • Jamie says:

      I really wish that I liked them. I swear if they ever become colors in the High Pigment Lip Pencil or Lipstick line, they’ll be mine instantly.

      • koofa says:

        Yeah, it stinks you didn’t like them, cuz they are beautiful on you. I don’t think mattes would be my thing so these might actually work for me (if they didn’t settle into my lines!).

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