Wantable Review: January 2014

A new month means new boxes, and the first box I always get is the Wantable box. As always, Wantable boxes are $36 a month. I thought last month’s box was really fantastic, so I had high expectations for this month’s box. I was a little apprehensive at the fact that this month’s box was curated by a nail polish person, but I was going to give it a chance. Unfortunately, I just thought that this month was adequate and not all that exciting. Here’s a breakdown of what all I got.

I got two things from Sormē Treatment Cosmetics. This is a brand I’ve never heard of, and after doing a quick Google search, I couldn’t find anywhere that actually sells their products. Maybe it’s because that part of their website is under construction. I was able to find their stuff on Amazon, and all of it is Prime eligible, so if you’re super interested in purchasing their stuff I would suggest just picking it up there.

The first thing I got was the Long Lasting Blush in Wild Rose. I feel like the theme for Sormē this month was Rose, and I’m glad that I generally like the colors that get associated with Rose. The size of the blush is 0.14 oz for $15.58. It’s a little powdery, but it’s very pigmented and leaves a nice matte finish. When you apply it with a blush brush, a lot of product gets picked up so you have to be careful to tap it before you apply it to your cheeks. For me, blending was necessary to mute the color a little, but it was pretty easy to blend. Sormē describes this blush as giving a youthful look of innocent blushing. When I was reading this at work, I almost scoffed out loud. Innocent blushing? Cue eye roll. Would I have ever bought this blush on my own? No, probably not. Am I okay with having it? Yes.

The second Sormē product I recieved was their Smearproof Lip Liner in Pure Rose. Again, that rose theme. It did last all day without any patchiness, but I would question their waterproof/smearproof claim. I was able to take off my lip liner without any water or makeup remover at the end of the day without any issues. It wasn’t necessarily hard and it wasn’t soft. I thought it could be a little softer, but it’s not annoyingly hard. This lip liner worked well with MAC’s Morning Rose lipstick, but it required a little blending. The one thing I don’t like about this product is that it’s a square pencil. I prefer round ones, but that’s nothing to really get upset about. On Amazon, you can find this pencil for $11.99 for 0.06 oz.

I was excited to see the Michael Marcus Prime Brush, until I used it. I’m not one to turn away brushes because brushes can be expensive and the more brushes you have the less you have to clean your brushes. Unfortunately, this is a terrible brush for applying your foundation. It leaves your makeup streaky and you definitely have to buff it out.

I’m honestly starting to get tired of seeing Starlooks products in all these subscription boxes. I have two eye liners, two lip liners, and now an eye shadow? So five Starlooks products. I think that’s pretty excessive. Starlooks Eye Shadow in Conquest is a blackened blue color with a little bit of shimmer. On the Starlooks website, it’s listed as a matte, but I didn’t really see that. I can’t find a use for it because I don’t use blues that often and I don’t often do a smokey eye. When swatching this, it’s pigmentation leaves you with a wish for more. It doesn’t really look the way it looks in the pan. When I was opening this box, the first thing I thought was “OH LOOK ANOTHER THING TO DEPOT.” Unfortunately (or fortunately), there’s a mirror in the second level of this. I found that to be a little odd, because who applies dark shadows on the go? Just bad packaging overall. Starlooks eye shadows retail for $12.

I  know for a fact that nail polish is on my dislikes list. I don’t like getting nail polish in these subscription boxes because I think nail polish is something that I would want to pick out for myself. However, I recieved NCLA Nail Polish in Laurel Canyon Lolita this month. Looking back, nail polish somehow gravitated to the “Like” column, and I’m not too sure what happened. If you subscribe to Wantable already, be sure to go through your preferences before next month comes around because everything I had labeled as “Dislike” magically moved to “Like.” I’m not the only one that this has happened to either, so make sure to double check your preferences. Anyways, onto the nail polish. While I’m not the biggest fan of getting nail polish in my boxes, I am glad that it’s at least a color that I absolutely love. It’s a purple-burgundy shade, and it has a lot of shine without a top coat. When I tested it out on day 1, I found that a weird white line appeared at the edges. I didn’t use a base coat or a top coat. I also only used one coat. I promptly removed the nail polish in order to try a proper order (base coat-nail polish-top coat) to actually review it. If you don’t use a base coat, it will stain your nails a little. I’m testing its wear-time right now, so I think I’ll be posting a full review on this next Saturday or Sunday.


Sorme Treatment Cosmetics Blush in Wild Rose and Lip Liner in Pure Rose. Lipstick is Morning Rose from MAC.

Things I liked: the Sormē blush and lip liner, as well as the NCLA nail polish
Things I hated: the Starlooks eye shadow and Michael Marcus brush

Total value of the box: $75.57
Total value to me: $43.57

Honestly, once they give the option I’m going to try to return the Starlooks Eye Shadow and the Michael Marcus brush. I’ve never tried to return anything to Wantable. I have heard good things about their return process and their customer service, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. I’ll update this post once that happens.

UPDATE (1/19/2014): So I talked to customer service this week, and they said that I was a person who got affected by the glitch in their system. I shouldn’t have gotten the Michael Marcus brush or the NCLA polish. I offered to send back both (since they’re going to send me replacement items) and they said that I could keep them. While I’m not super thrilled about keeping the Michael Marcus brush, I am thrilled at the NCLA polish because, let’s face it, it’s a fantastic color. Another update will come when my two new products arrive, and then I’ll update the publish date on this post. Just in case you missed the point of this update, Wantable’s customer service is really great, and it’s definitely what’s keeping me subscribing for the time being.

UPDATE (1/25/2014): 

I got my replacement items this week, so here’s the review on the other things I got.

Beauty For Real Lip Cream in Always There. This is a nice color, but the formula is SUPER drying. It’s a rosy pink, which corresponds with the entire theme of my box. In case you’re out in a dark place, there’s a light in the wand and a mirror for touch ups. I’m not sure when I would ever use this feature without either looking super awkward or annoying my fiance, but if you’re looking for something like that then I guess this would be good. I wouldn’t purchase this again, but if you have exfoliated lips and apply a balm, I’m pretty sure that it would be okay. It retails for $22 and only comes in three shades (nude, pink, and red).

Girlactik Beauty Precise Eye Liner Marker. I liked the shadow I got from Girlactik last month, so I wasn’t opposed to this coming in my replacement box. I love liquid liner markers, and this one is more like a pen rather than a chubby marker (like Be A Bombshell or Ardency Inn). It’s pretty easy to control, and it’s easy to create a fine line to make your lashes look more voluminous. It’s one of their new items, and retails for $20.

Do you subscribe to Wantable? What did you think of your box?
If for some reason you want to start subscribing to Wantable after reading this review, please feel free to use my referral link here.

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