Book Review: Brooklyn Girls by Gemma Burgess

One day when I was walking through my local B&N, I was feeling like some light mindless reading. So based on the book description, I figured that Brooklyn Girls  by Gemma Burgess would be exactly that.

Brooklyn Girls front covera

Brooklyn Girls front cover

Obviously, being a girl and not living in New York, I’m going to be attracted to this book. And then, reading the back cover, it’s talking about girls right out of college trying to find themselves. That puts them RIGHT WITH ME. At least at the time I bought it a few months ago.

I’m on page 78 out of 309 (I’ll probably finish it this weekend) and as I read it all I can think is, Oh god is this what girls in their 20s are like? Am I like that? Whiny and complaining about how I can’t find what I want in life? and it concerns me. I know that I’m doing decent – I have a job, I have an apartment that I pay for with my fiance, I have two dogs, but I kind of have a makeup purchasing problem. I think maybe I bought this book hoping to live vicariously through the main character, Pia. She’s of mixed ethnicity (might not be what I’m mixed like, but one of her friends is) and she’s living in NY.

The book starts with Pia at a party that she shouldn’t be throwing and hooking up with a boy she shouldn’t be hooking up with. She ruins the apartment she’s living in, and she goes through three jobs in the first 78 pages. THREE JOBS. I’ll be honest, I’m on my third job since I graduated college, but that’s over a 16 month period. I was 6 months at my first job, 10 months at my second one, and then now I’m in the first month of my third. Are jobs really that easy to get in NYC? Shouldn’t she be looking for a job to pay the bills? She then is told that she’s getting cut off from her wealthy parents (of COURSE she has wealthy parents, having to actually work for money instead of getting funded by your parents is so overrated and doesn’t make good reading, I guess). So what does she do? She buys a food truck to make healthy foods.

Oh god. How is this book so vapid? I feel like I need to finish it just so I can make a complete review on it, but it’s just so difficult. And then I feel like a jerk calling this book vapid, because I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who just graduated that are in Pia’s position. I’m just not one of them so I don’t understand. When I bought this book, I think I was hoping for something more like Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I was just disappointed.

78 pages down, 231 to go. Good thing today is laundry day and I don’t have anything better to do while I wait for it to finish.

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